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Recently published in Poland as “Letters to Penelope”, the novel is receiving wonderful reader reviews there.

What happens when a popular priest returns to a northern Minnesota parish where he was stationed twenty years before?

An ancient church burns. A family is torn apart. A small city on Lake Superior’s North Shore convulses with misdirected rage and calls for retribution.

A young man is locked away in prison. Justice and the past vanish, leaving behind a severed hand, a broken weather vane, and a scorched letter as waymarks on a trail back to the truth.

Fourteen years later, Penelope sets out on that trail, a personal odyssey to find an imprisoned father she can’t remember and uncover what the world has kept from her since the day she was born.

A good priest battles a disgraced one for the soul of a community and the salvation of his parish.

A generous old man sells his birthright to settle old scores in the name of enduring love and faith.

Mystery; surprises; Lake Superior’s haunting beauty; dark humor; a cast of memorable characters; and compassionate realism – this is Everywhere in Chains.

Listy do Penelopy by James Casper
James Casper author


James Casper spent his childhood in a rural Minnesota setting much like the one in this novel. James Casper was born and grew up in southern Minnesota. Apart from living in various Minnesota locales, he has resided in Boston, St. Louis, eastern Tennessee, and London, England. He and his wife of twenty-four years have traveled extensively. Rome is one of their favorite places. He is happiest walking alongside the Thames.

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