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LATEST release

An Accidental Pope

A Mystery in Five Boxes

Farhaven Press' latest release: a mystery that holds tight to its secrets. Find out who's bad and who's good. Root for the little people. Laugh at the ludicrous. And keep your eye out for more than one seeming low-life who has everyone's best interests at heart. Nothing is quite what it seems. 

Perfect finish

Dramatic, edge-of-your-seat ending that both shocks and satisfies. 

Noir mystery

A bit on the dark side, letting you face the gritty while embracing the poignant. 

Plot driven

The storyline unfolds in the US and Rome simultaneously. Meet earthy, moral characters who do what's right.


Everywhere in Chains

Secrets of the North Shore

Everywhere in Chains began as a bet between James Casper and his writing friend at the time, Jon Hassler. Forty years later, James completed this beautifully layered novel. Penelope is the star. She grows up being lied to. Her real father is in prison, and when she sets out to find him, years of mystery are unraveled, and she rights a horrible wrong.

Dickensian finish

Fulfilling and completely unexpected conclusion. 

Who is the antagonist?

Rather than a person, the author grapples with our views of the Catholic Church and prisons in the United States. 

Unforgettable characters

You will root for Penelope, side with Marvin, and revel in every plot twist that brings strangers together and gives meaning to all of the characters' lives.


The Far End of the Park

What began as a short story that intrigued Frances Kiernan, former editor of The New Yorker, evolved over the years into James' first complete novel.  

Tie into this book and relate to the angst of a young man grappling with dishonesty, injustice, and fear. 

Stick with him as he becomes honest, just, and brave in spite of the world around him. A triumphant tale. 

Family history, anyone?

When confronted with who your first cousin twice removed might possibly be, most of us stare blankly. 

Not James Casper. 

He spent the better part of 20+ years compiling this incredibly thorough and gobstoppingly interesting book of not just charts, but stories and pictures of pioneers of the Kasper family. You'll learn family history best practices as well as getting a sense of the reasons people emigrated from distant parts to make a new home in the USA.

Ripening on the vine...

James' memoir, Through the War and Out the Other Side, is being formatted for publication in 2021. 

A collection of short stories is also in the offing. 

And a selection of James' essays (he has written hundreds over the years) are also being compiled. Stay tuned!

Oh. And another novel in his 7th decade. Inspiring.


What they say

sr. dorcee 

Superior of The Servants of God's Love

A well-written, good Christian novel that's not "preachy" is hard to find.

James Casper has achieved this with Everywhere in Chains.

I really did not want it to end. 

Cathy Melecha

Owner of Timeless Appeal ,Pequot Lakes, MN

I love a good mystery, but I hate spoilers. 

James' An Accidental Pope kept me in suspense from beginning to end. 

I kept guessing. Looking back, the hints are there, but I couldn't see it until the very end!